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Join the top-notch LineBet cricket betting app online – an ideal place to win real money in cricket. Even beginners in betting can succeed with its help. However, before you register yourself and log in to your LineBet account, get our useful tips on cricket betting in India, Bangladesh, and other fan countries of this game.

If your country is India or Bangladesh, your list of favorite sports might have cricket at the top. However, this game is not only a captivating pastime. Numerous Cricket tournaments and leagues make up a perfect source of winning real money for online bettors. What do you need to know about cricket to start winning in it? Which cricket betting site to choose? What are the top tournaments to pay attention to? Find answers to these and similar questions in our 2023 guide on cricket.

What Is Cricket

Features of cricket as a sport and the rule of the game

Widely known in South Asia, cricket is a classic game played with a bat and a ball. It comes from the same family with golf, baseball, and similar sports. However, cricket has a number of specialties. The main ones are the form of the central pitch and two wickets. A pair of eleven-player squads battle against each other in a cricket round.

One team tries to bat a ball at the wicket. In the cricket language, it is called ‘make a run.’ The other side should field, that is, prevent the opponents from scoring a run. Then, bowlers and batsmen change over. For each team, the key goal is to score more runs than the opponent.During the match, a variety of events can happen. They include a broken wicket, a put-down wicket, an out-bowled batsman, and many others. So, be ready for multiple wager opportunities in online cricket betting.

Cricket Top Events 2023

Schedule of top cricket matches in 2023 which will be available for betting on LineBet

Knowing the major tournaments in this or that sport is essential for any winning strategy. So, our free cricket betting tips start with the list of the most famous cricket events to be held in 2023.

Top Cricket Events Schedule

Let’s compile a schedule so that you can stay in touch with the major cricket events this year.

Big Bashes AustraliaDecember 2022 – February 2023
Bangladesh Premier LeagueJanuary – February 2023
Indian Premier League20 March – 1 June 2023
Ashes16 June – 31 July 2023
Caribbean Premier League31 August – 30 September 2023
ICC World Cup10 October – 26 November 2023

You see, cricket championships take place all over the year. So, cricket bettors can always find a spectacular cricket match to wager on it and win some money. They won’t get bored anyway.

Indian Premier League 2023

At the final stage of the IPL, the eight best cricket teams of India clash with each other to get the winning title of the season. The tournament ranks among the top-preferred cricket events in the world.

The ICC World Cup  2023

The largest international event in the cricket arena is the ICC World Cup. It unites the 10 best squads from different countries and incorporates 48 matches.

Caribbean Premier League 2023

The main benefit of the Caribbean Premier League is that only six teams compete for the main trophy in it. So it’s easier to study the championship and its participants. This leads to better chances when making a cricket betting prediction for this league’s matches.

Bangladesh Premier League 2023

One more tournament that attracts crowds of fans in South Asia and across the world is the Bangladesh Premier League. Here, seven top squads fight to win the competition. It’s also easy to follow and place winning bets.

Big Bashes Australia 2023

In the Big Bashes League, eight participants will clash, but each of them has practically an equal chance of winning. So, you need careful knowledge of the tournament to make correct cricket betting predictions.

Ashes 2023

There are only two rivals in the Ashes competition: Australia and England. However, this tournament has a history of 145 years! So, do not miss this historic event this year!

How to Place a Cricket Bet?

Step by step: how Bangladeshi players can bet on cricket at LineBet

Are you thinking of placing your first bet on one of the upcoming cricket events?

How to Bet

It’s time to learn which steps you need to take to make this process simple and secure. They include the following:


Step 1

Pick a reliable cricket betting site in Bangladesh, India, etc.


Step 2

Register an account on the official site.


Step 3

Replenish your account with cash.


Step 4

Choose a cricket league.


Step 5

Opt for an event or a group of them and select suitable markets.


Step 6

Define the sum you wish to wager.


Step 7

Place your bet

Then, you only wait for the events you have wagered on. If you predict their results correctly, and your bookie offers solid cricket betting odds, you’ll win a pretty sum of money.

Cricket betting options available to cricket fans on LineBet

Cricket is a complex game with multiple possibilities, which can occur during one session. Good bookmakers offer a rich system of markets with odds for all of them. Let’s explain the markets that bettors prefer to bet on in the first place.

  • Winner. Who will win the next cricket event? This is the simplest prediction even a beginner can make and win. A draw is also possible in cricket, so this option is also available.
  • Total Innings Runs. Expect to find the already given number of total innings runs on your cricket betting app in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, or another country. Your mission is to predict if your chosen squad scores more or fewer runs. The bet is also seen as beginner-friendly.
  • Total 6s Scored. The number of six runs is also fixed in the sports line. If you predict whether their actual number will be bigger or smaller, you’ll win good money. However, you’ll need to refine your understanding of the cricket championship of your interest to predict correctly. For instance, you should know the key players, their technical capacities, etc.
  • Outright Competition Winner. One more popular bet is the final winner of the competition. Here, you need to observe the results of the previous seasons, as well as consider the actual form of each competitor.
  • Man of the Match. This bet can be an easy target for a cricket enthusiast, but for a total beginner, it is too complicated. Still, you can opt for cricket betting live, where dynamic bets are accepted. This is a nice chance to watch the event and make a prediction right in its course.

You can find other markets for cricket betting online. They include such specialties as the Top Batsman or Dismissal Mode to happen next. However, these are more complicated bets that require truly good knowledge of the chosen cricket games.

Top Cricket Teams 2023

List of the best cricket teams in 2023 to bet on

Each league or championship has its favorites. Knowing them is crucial for your winnings. Thus, it’s important to know that Comilla Victorians is the most successful squad in the BPL and is the actual winner of the league, while the international teams from India, England, and Pakistan have the highest scores in the ICC World Cup table.

But be ready for surprises. Take the IPL as a striking example. Its most successful team is Mumbai Indians. However, you can observe its actual position in the following chart:

The Indian Premier League Season 2022
IPL SquadTotal Pts
Gujarat Titans (Winner)20
Rajasthan Royals18
Lucknow SuperGiants18
Royal Challengers Bangalore16
Delhi Capitals14
Punjab Kings14
Kolkata Knight Riders12
Sunrisers Hyderabad12
Chennai Super Kings8
Mumbai Indians8

So, champions change, but the more you know about your preferred cricket games for betting, the better your predictions will be.

Best Cricket Odds 2023

Cricket betting odds offered by LineBet

Cricket betting free sites and apps offer diverse odds. They can be higher or lower, but your goal is to pick a bookmaker with not only high but also correct odds. LineBet is the exact platform where you can enjoy advantageous odds for cricket and other sports.

LineBet Odds for the Upcoming Cricket Events
MatchW1DrawW26 Runs
BPL: Sylhet Sunrisers – Khulna Tigers1.85341.8567
BPL: Dgaka Dominators – Rangpur Rangers1.85341.8567
BPL: Dhaka Dominators – Fortune Barishal1.85341.8567
BPL: Camilla Warriors – Khulna Tigers1.85341.8567
Twenty20: India – New Zealand1.85341.8567

You see, the line can bring you truly big wins. On the official website or on your LineBet cricket betting app, you can choose an event and place a winning bet right away.

Tips on Cricket Betting

Tips for effective cricket betting at LineBet

How to bet on cricket online and win huge money? Surprisingly, the most effective cricket betting tips are quite simple. Take these steps to succeed:

  1. Be curious about cricket leagues, teams, players, and top events.
  2. Select an advanced bookmaker site or cricket betting exchange with proper event coverage and competitive odds.
  3. Stick to a site or an app with convenient banking (rupees accepted, enough payment gateways suitable for your area, etc.)
  4. Start with simpler wagers.
  5. Enhance your bankroll with a bonus for new clients.
  6. Precise your budget and never go beyond its limits.

Stick to these rules, and your cricket betting sessions will bring you both pleasure and huge wins.

LineBet Cricket App

Features of LineBet mobile app for cricket betting

LineBet can become your best cricket betting app since it is free, convenient, and offers great odds. You’ll be able to use the same variety of payment methods and access all the bookie’s promotions there.You can pass a quick and free LineBet cricket betting app download for iOS/Android on the official site. Then, you can log in to your account or create a new one and start top-notch betting on the go.

Other Sports on LineBet

Sports except cricket on which you can bet at LineBet

Np cricket game for today? Don’t worry. LineBet offers superb odds for various sports, among which the following ones might interest you the most:

  • Football;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Basketball;
  • Horse Racing;
  • Martial Arts;
  • Tennis;
  • Hockey;
  • Virtual Sports, and more.

Sure, this list is incomplete. Visit the LineBet site to know all the available options.


Can I Bet on Cricket on LineBet?

Yes, the site offers the broadest choice of cricket tournaments.

What Are the Best Cricket Leagues to Place a Bet and Win?

These are top-admired tourneys like Indian Premier League, ICC Cricket World Cup, Ashes Series, and other events mentioned in our guide.

Does LineBet Offer an App for Cricket Betting?

Yes, visit the LineBet official website to download cricket betting apps for free.

Does LineBet Give a Welcome Bonus for Cricket?

Yes, every new client can request a 100% promo for cricket betting from LineBet. More information is to be found on the official site of LineBet.