1. is owned and operated by Aspro N.V. as a License Holder (Curacao license No. 8048/JAZ2016-053). Talkeetna Ltd (reg. number HE 361115) provides processing services on the website as Billing Agent and with a registered office located at 161 Arch. Makarios III Avenue, AKAPNITIS COURT, 6 Floor, 3027 Limassol, Cyprus. 
  2. The Linebet bookmaker accepts bets on sports and other events worldwide.
  3. Bets may only be placed by individuals who are 18 years of age or the age of majority in their state and agree to the Betting Rules offered by the bookmaker. The customer shall be held liable for the violation of this regulation.
  4. The following individuals are not allowed to place bets:
    – individuals who are under 18 years of age at the time of placement;
    – individuals who directly participate in the events being betted on (e.g. sportspeople, coaches, etc.), as well as any individuals acting on their behalf or affiliating with them;
    – individuals representing other bookmakers;
    – individuals who are prohibited from entering into a contract with a bookmaker subject to the effective legislation.

Linebet Account

  1. In order to have access to the products or services provided by Linebet, the Customer must have a Customer account, where the winnings obtained will be deposited. When placing bets, the Customer may not exceed the number of funds deposited in his/her account. Linebet does not provide credit services for Customer accounts.
  2. Only one account per customer is allowed. If the Customer registers multiple accounts in violation of this provision, Linebet reserves the right to abandon the initial Customer’s account and close all subsequent Customer accounts, or subsequent accounts suspected to belong to the same Customer that has been registered after the initial registration of the Customer’s account. All bets placed on such subsequent accounts belonging to the same Client or subsequent accounts suspected to belong to the same Client will be void, winnings will not be paid out to the Client, and funds deposited in the subsequent accounts will be returned to the Client.
  3. By opening an account on the Site, the Client agrees to the Terms. By using the products and services provided by Linebet, the Customer consents to the transfer of funds from his account. When the Customer chooses to use specific products and services provided by the Site, the Customer agrees to specific rules pertaining to the related betting or gaming products.

Account verification and credit control

Linebet reserves the right to request valid identification documents proving the applicant’s or Customer’s identity, age, and address, and to conduct checks to verify the information provided. Acceptable identification may include the following:

  • copy of a valid photo ID, such as a passport or driver’s license;
  • copy of a recent utility bill confirming residency, such as a utility bill, telephone bill, etc. (utility bill should be no more than three months old);
  • copy of a recent credit/debit card/bank account statement (the statement must be related to a financial method used and must not be older than three months).

Identification documents must be sent to the email address provided on the website.

A Linebet account may be suspended until the verification documents are satisfactorily provided. In case of suspension of the applicant/customer’s account, the applicant/customer will not be able to withdraw any winnings until the verification process is completed. In case, when the investigation shows that the Applicant / Customer does not meet any of the requirements, listed in paragraph 3.2, all bets will be refunded without any profit paid.

Linebet reserves the right to inform the relevant authorities, online sports and sports betting operators, online service providers, and banks, credit companies, electronic payment providers, or other financial institutions about the identity of the Customer in case of discovering any illegal or fraudulent activity performed by the Customer.

In deciding whether to accept the User’s registration, Linebet may provide the information received from the User to authorized credit reference agencies to confirm the User’s identity and card information. The authorized credit reference agencies verify any data related to the User, provided by Linebet, in databases (public or private) and keep records of this verification. By registering on the Site, the User agrees that Linebet may process the personal information provided by the User during registration and disclose it to authorized credit reference agencies for the identification of the User.

Username and password

  1. The user name is the general term; e-mail, telephone, or social network can alternatively be used as a user name.
  2. When opening an account, the User chooses a username and password which is used to access his/her account. The Customer may change his password at any time by writing an email to the support service email address published on the Site.
  3. It is the Customer’s responsibility not to share its username and password and not to provide any other credentials to third parties. All bets placed by third parties from the Customer’s account will be considered valid.
  4. The Customer may not allow third parties to use his account or accept prizes or winnings on behalf of the Customer.
  5. If the Customer has reason to believe that a third party has become aware of his account username and password or any other credentials, the Customer must immediately contact the Linebet helpdesk so that a new password can be issued to him.
  6. Linebet is not obliged to maintain usernames or passwords. If the Customer loses, forgets, misplaces, or shares his/her username and/or password with any third party, or if he/she is unable to log on to the Site or any Service for any reason other than Linebet’s error, Linebet shall not be liable for and shall not be responsible for any claims relating to such Customer’s account.

Deposits and Withdrawals

  1. In order to use the Service, the Customer must deposit funds into his Linebet account. Once the funds have been deposited, the Customer may use them to place bets or play games.
  2. Deposits and withdrawals to the Customer’s account are made directly through Linebet or through a financial institution or payment provider chosen by the Customer. Linebet reserves the right to determine the minimum and maximum amounts to be deposited into the Customer’s account.
  3. In case of suspicion that payment to the Customer’s account is made by a payment other than those belonging to the Customer’s account owner, Linebet reserves the right to invalidate any deposit made to the Customer’s account, as well as to cancel any profit made from the deposit, until the end of the relevant investigation by Linebet.
  4. Linebet does not accept funds sent or delivered directly to the Service or to a financial institution or payment provider chosen by the Customer. Linebet will credit the Customer’s account for all funds received by the Service to the Customer or owed by Linebet to the Customer.
  5. Linebet reserves the right to independently determine whether funds that the Customer has requested to be credited to his Account are available for deposit to the Customer’s account. This verification is achieved by receiving confirmation from the relevant financial institution or payment provider, through approval procedures, entered into by such financial institution or payment provider, that the transactions have been reconciled and approved.
  6. Once the deposit transaction is reconciled and approved by the relevant financial institution or payment provider, the Customer’s account is immediately credited with the funds specified in the transaction.
  7. Prior to making their first withdrawal, the Customer may be asked to provide additional proof of their identity to assist with the verification procedure. By default, there is no additional verification procedure for Customers who fund their accounts by debit/credit card; Linebet reserves the right to request additional documents in particular circumstances.
  8. Depositing funds into the Customer’s account may take from 1 minute to 3 business days, depending on the payment system or financial institution used by the Customer. Linebet reserves the right to change withdrawal limits and deadlines.
  9. Linebet does not charge additional fees for primary deposits and withdrawals from the Customer’s account, however, the Customer may be charged a service fee for repeated and subsequent withdrawals. The Customer should note that the payment provider may charge a fee for the service in question.
  10. Linebet reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee on any currency exchange made on the Site provided that there has not been an adequate level of gaming and the Customer is deemed to be abusing the Service to benefit from fluctuations in the exchange rate.
  11. The Customer consents, upon separate request from the Service, to provide Linebet with additional details of deposits made by the Customer.
  12. Linebet makes all reasonable efforts to comply with the Customer’s request regarding the payment method and currency of payment for withdrawal.
  13. However, Linebet disclaims responsibility for ensuring that funds withdrawn by the Customer from the Customer’s account are transferred to the Customer by the same payment method and in the same currency in which they were initially deposited into the Customer’s account or as requested by the Customer.
  14. Linebet reserves the right to proceed with a different payment method than the one requested by the Customer (e.g. via a different payment provider or bank transfer).
  15. The default withdrawal period is two business days. Linebet reserves the right to change the withdrawal period.
  16. Linebet reserves the right to charge a withdrawal fee, based on the costs of the Service, for the withdrawal of funds that the Customer has not placed in play.
  17. If the Customer wishes to withdraw the funds deposited in his account prior to wagering the respective funds on any game or sports betting offer, Linebet reserves the right to refuse the Customer to withdraw the deposited funds until part or all of the deposited funds were wagered for the first time.
  18. The Customer may withdraw funds from his account at any time, provided that Linebet has confirmed all deposits and payments, that deposits made by the Customer on the Service have not been reversed, canceled, or otherwise reversed, and that there are no outstanding documents. by the Customer as part of the verification procedure.
  19. It is the Customer’s responsibility to notify Linebet in the event that any amount of funds is incorrectly credited to or deducted from the Customer’s account.
  20. Linebet reserves the right to make the appropriate adjustment to the number of funds in the Customer’s account, whenever such funds are improperly credited to or deducted from the Customer’s account. In the event that funds are improperly deducted from the Customer’s account, Linebet will recover the appropriate amount of funds upon the Customer’s request made through the Support service. If the Customer misuses funds paid to him/her to place bets, Linebet may cancel all respective bets and reverse the winnings received on those bets.
  21. Linebet reserves the right to withhold any withdrawal made by the Customer, in the event of reasonable suspicion on behalf of the Service, that the Customer may be involved in fraudulent, collusive, illegal betting or the case where doubts arise as to the operation of the Customer’s account or withdrawal request.
  22. In the event that such suspicions and concerns give rise to an investigation, conducted by the Service, the funds to be withdrawn will be kept pending until the end of a relevant investigation, but for a maximum period of two calendar months from the date on which the investigation began.
  23. Winning while using the Service, the Customer may be legally obliged to inform the competent tax authorities. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to provide the competent tax authorities with accounting information about his income and profits earned.
  24. Linebet shall not be liable to any tax authority in relation to the personal taxes of any Customer of the Service. Linebet reserves the right to require the Customer to indemnify the Service for any costs, expenses, or losses it may incur as a result of a claim or demand made by a governmental authority in respect of the Customer’s tax obligations.
  25. Customer’s account is immediately credited with the number of winnings earned by Customer.
  26. The Customer’s account is not a bank account. Therefore, it is not insured, guaranteed, sponsored, or protected by any bank or deposit insurance system or any other similar insurance system that may be introduced in the jurisdiction of the Client.
  27. Any wager placed by the Customer authorizes Linebet to deduct funds from the relevant Customer’s account. Funds will be deducted from the Customer’s account immediately after placing the bet, provided that the balance in the Customer’s account at the time of the bet is greater than or equal to the amount of the bet placed.

Freezing and closing the account

  1. Linebet reserves the right to freeze the Customer’s account, in which case the funds will not be available for play by the Customer.
  2. Linebet reserves the right to freeze the Customer’s account in the event that there is reasonable suspicion on the part of Linebet to believe that:
  3. The Customer’s account may be used for fraudulent purposes, such as money laundering, or in a manner that jeopardizes the integrity of the sports or events on which the site offers betting services. In this case, the User will be notified of the freezing of his account by email specified in the Customer’s account. The account will be frozen until the end of the investigation conducted by Linebet or until the cause of the relevant suspicions has ceased to exist.
  4. Linebet reserves the right to close the Customer’s account in case of confirmation of the suspicions, which were the subject of the investigation conducted;
  • the Customer is involved in a conflict of interest;
  • the Customer deliberately manipulated a match or cheated in any possible way or took unfair advantage of Linebet or any of its customers;
  • the Customer does not meet the requirement of full legal capacity (including cases where the Customer is under 18 years of age);
  1. Linebet reserves the right to close the Customer’s account at any time. In case of closure of the Customer’s account, a notification is sent to the respective Customer within a reasonable time prior to the closure of his account, unless notification of the Customer is deemed lawful or practically impossible due to the particular circumstances of the case.
  2. The Customer is entitled to close an account at any time, provided that the Customer does not owe funds to Linebet (e.g. by means of a negative account balance). To close the account, the Customer must request Linebet Support. When requesting closure of his account, the Customer must indicate his account balance.
  3. If the Customer has placed bets prior to the request to close his account and the bet has won after closing the Customer’s account, the corresponding winnings will be sent to the Customer as soon as the bet is settled.
  4. A Customer wishing to recover funds held in a frozen or closed account is advised to contact the support service.

Inactive Accounts

If the Customer does not log in to his/her account and does not engage in any gaming activity for a continuous period of 180 days (grace period), the account is considered inactive.

Once the Customer’s account becomes inactive, Linebet reserves the right to charge an inactive account fee. The Service deducts the number of funds, corresponding to the dormant account fee, from the Customer’s account on the day and every 30 days thereafter.

Linebet reserves the right to close a dormant account as soon as the account reaches a zero balance. If on the day following the last day of the grace period there are no funds in the Customer’s account, the account will not be charged a dormant account fee and will be closed immediately.

If the Customer’s account remains inactive for a period of 12 consecutive months, Linebet will retain all remaining funds in the Customer’s account and close the account.

The Service will stop charging the maintenance fee for the Customer’s inactive account in the following cases:

  • if the Customer’s account is reactivated by logging in and one of the following actions is performed:
  • deposit funds;
  • placing a bet, except for free bets;
  • playing casino games, except for free spins.

Promotional offers

  1. If the customer accepts a promotional offer that includes a wagering requirement, the wagering requirement of the offer must be met before any funds credited to the customer’s account related to the respective bonus or offer can be withdrawn from your customer’s account. 
  2. The Customer’s participation in certain promotions/bonuses/offers may only be available for a certain period of time and under certain conditions. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure his/her eligibility for a particular promotion/bonus/offer and understanding of the Terms and Conditions, which govern the relevant promotion/bonus/offer.
  3. Linebet reserves the right to suspend and/or cancel the Customer’s participation in a promotion/bonus/offer in a situation where he/she does not meet the requirements defined for the respective promotion/bonus/offer.
  4. Linebet reserves the right to consider wagers, placed with funds, credited to the Customer’s account on a welcome bonus or promotional offer null and void in a situation where there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the Customer does not meet the requirements defined for the respective promotion/bonus/offer. In this case, all winnings from bets placed with funds credited to the Customer’s account on a welcome bonus or promotional offer will be void.