Linebet Responsible Gaming

Linebet recognises that the Customer may wish to restrict their gambling activities and provides a self-exclusion mechanism. The Customer is encouraged to accept Linebet’s Responsible Gambling Policy, which highlights the seriousness of the Service’s approach to the problem and contains a guide to possible assistance measures.

Linebet provides Customers with reasonable controls and safeguards to ensure that, although the Customer is excluded, the Customer will not be able to access the Service’s Site and receive advertising materials from the Service. However, the Service disclaims any liability to the Customer in cases where, after the Service has implemented the relevant measures, the Customer continues to gamble on the Service’s website or to receive advertising material (e.g. incorrectly sent advertising material).

Linebet advises the Customer to seek urgent professional help in a situation where the Customer continues to gamble on the Service website during a period of self-exclusion.

Linebet will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the practical implementation of the self-exclusion regime. However, the Service is limited to liability towards the Customer in cases where, after the introduction of the self-exclusion regime on the Customer’s account, the Customer continues to play through other accounts.

Linebet Basic Responsible Gaming Policy Rules

The Website and the Services are intended solely for recreational and entertainment purposes. We are committed to ensuring that Users have the ability to manage or limit their play on the Website. You may limit your deposits or Bets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis from your Account. Please note that the deposit limit will be applied as an aggregate limit for all deposits, implemented at the time of application. 

Also, please note that if you self-impose a limit and then wish to increase the amount or remove the limit, this will be done only after at least 24 hours from your request. Any decrease in the amount of your limit will take place immediately. You have the option to self-exclude or deactivate your Account if you believe you have a gambling problem. 

The Responsible Gaming page gives you the option to opt out of playing on the website, as well as providing information on how to contact customer service if you wish to discuss this in person. We offer several opt-out periods as follows:

– 24 hour cooling off periods, as well as 7 days, one month, or any other period you request in writing up to a maximum of 6 weeks. You will not be able to play on the website during this period. Once you request a cooling-off period, you will not be able to deposit to your Account. Your Account is automatically reinstated after the cooling-off period has expired; and

– Self-exclusions from 6 months to 5 years. This is identical to the other exclusion periods above, except that you will be required to withdraw any real money funds from your Account at the time you make the request. Your self-exclusion will apply from the time you request it. 

– For an indefinite period of time, until you request that this exclusion be lifted, which will be effective after a period of seven (7) days from your request. You may request that an indefinite exclusion be lifted by contacting our customer service.

While we will make all reasonable efforts to enforce our Responsible Gambling Policies, we do not accept any responsibility or liability if a user continues to gamble or seeks to use this website with the intention of deliberately evading our ongoing Responsible Gambling measures or we are unable to enforce our Responsible Gambling measures for reasons beyond our reasonable control. 

For more information, please see our dedicated Responsible Gambling section of our website.

Why betting with Linebet is safe?

You will find on this page, with total transparency, the information and the technical elements (sometimes VERY technical) which will prove to you that Linebet is a perfectly secure and reliable bookmaker. In addition, our IT department and our “player protection and security” service constantly monitor and verify the integrity of the game and the players.

  • Software integrity

The validity of the identity of our web servers is ensured by establishing a server certificate issued by the certification authority “Thawte” using a 2048 bit RSA key. With the help of this same certificate, the download is secured with the AES256 (256 bit) encryption algorithm.

  • Confidentiality of exchanges

The exchanges between the game client and the platform are carried out under connections secured by the TLS v1 protocol. The configuration uses certificates issued by our own certification authority. Encryption is carried out with the help of a 2048-bit RSA key using the AES256-SHA algorithm. No private data of a player will be communicated to the other players.

  • Automatic update

Linebet  uses the ecosystem associated with Adobe AIR which allows the automatic updating of the poker application installed on your terminal. You will benefit from the development or the latest corrections of our software.

  • Fight against bots

Linebet has put in place mechanisms allowing for to detect of bots and to protect the source code in order to fight against unauthorized third-party software. See also our General Conditions of use. The identity of each account opening is validated by our teams.  

  • Detection of suspicious behaviour

Detection of unusual or suspicious behavior with the help of automatic algorithms or following a player’s warning. Manual verifications of game sessions and hand histories following an evolving system of behavioral alerts. Sanctions can lead to the limitation of the game or the closure of the account.

  • Fight against addiction

Linebet gaming software integrates moderation mechanisms that you can set in your account. In addition to the limits that you will have to define during the registration of your account, Linebet proposes to each player set his own limits for a more responsible game.