Basic Definitions

Sports betting. It is the contest of predictions on the outcome of one or more sporting events, or on facts or circumstances that are part of or take place within the framework of such events or sporting competitions and that have been previously established by Linebet.

Selection. It refers to each of the forecasts that make up a sports bet. In the case of single bets, these will contain only one selection. The combined or system bets contain more than one selection.

Sports event. It is the sporting event that takes place within the framework of sporting competition or outside it, whose organization corresponds to persons, associations, or entities independent of Linebet, and which presents an uncertain outcome and outside the Website and the participants.

Quota or betting coefficient. It is the figure that determines the amount to be paid for a winning bet when multiplied by the amount wagered. Unless specifically stipulated otherwise, the odds include the amount corresponding to the refund of the amount initially paid by the winning bettor.

Suspended event. A sporting event that once started, has been interrupted before reaching its scheduled end.

Postponed event. A sporting event that does not start at the time scheduled for it.

Canceled event. For the purposes of these Rules, an event that does not take place or has been canceled.

A wager: based on an agreement, a transfer of monetary funds made by a player to a betting company for a potential win; the fulfillment of such agreement is conditioned by an event whose outcome is yet to be determined. Bets are accepted on a list of events and their outcomes with odds of winning offered by the betting company.

An outcome is the result of an event that can be bet on; an outcome is expressed as a separate position on the Line.

Odds: numerical indicators of the probability of a particular outcome of a sporting event. This value is specified for each outcome in the Line and serves to calculate the winnings of the bet.

Line: a list of events and their outcomes with odds of winning, as well as with the maximum betting rates offered by the betting company.

Types of bets

Simple bet

A single bet consists of a single selection or prediction on a sporting event (winner, exact result, etc.). If the bet is correct, the player receives a prize equivalent to the multiplication of the amount bet by the current odds at the time of placing the bet.

Multi bet

A multiple or combination bet is composed of several single bet selections whose odds are multiplied together to establish overall odds. If the player matches all the selections, he/she receives a prize equal to the multiplication of the amount wagered by the overall odds established at the time the bet was placed.

The player loses the bet if one of the selections is a loser.

The canceled selections of a combined bet are considered winners at the odds of 1.00. The cancellation of any of the selections that make up a multi-bet implies the readjustment of the overall odds according to the new odds of the canceled selection established in accordance with the above indication.

The selections that make up a multi-bet must necessarily be independent of each other, i.e. the result of one selection must not be able to influence the result of the other selections in the multi-bet. For example, it is not possible to combine selections relating to the same football match.

System bet

A system bet allows the player to bet on several combination bets at the same time. It is a complex version of the parlay bet.

System bets follow the P/N ratio, where “P” is the number of selections in each parlay and “N” is the total number of individual selections.

For example, if we start from 4 individual selections (A, B, C, D), “N” would be equal to 4. Depending on the number of selections in each of the parlay bets that will compose the system bet, “P” could be equal to 2 (2/4 system resulting in 6 parlay bets; AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD) or 3 (3/4 system resulting in 4 parlay bets: ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD).

In system bets, the amount of the winnings are equal to the sum of the winnings of each of the winning accumulator bets that make up the system bet. Each of these winnings is in turn the product of the multiplication of the overall stake of each combination bet by the amount of the unit bet chosen by the player.

The selections that make up a system bet must necessarily be independent of each other, i.e. the result of one selection must not be able to influence the result of the other selections of the system bet. For example, it is not possible to combine selections relating to the same football match in a system bet.

Betting Policy

The values of the parameters and coefficients of the events specified in the line of the current day can change after any bet, but the conditions before betting are the same, except in cases of technical and obvious errors in the line.

Only the amount confirmed and registered by the company is accepted as the amount of the bet.

The User is solely responsible for the wager. Once a bet is placed and its acceptance is confirmed, it cannot be changed or canceled by the User. Linebet offers no guarantees with respect to “lost” or “double” bets placed by customers. Please carefully review all bets you have placed.

Loss of your password cannot be a reason for withdrawal of fees or cancellation of a winnings payout request.

A bet is accepted as soon as it is confirmed by the company. All accepted bets are shown in the “Bet History”. In some cases, there may be a delay until a bet appears in your history. In case of any dispute, the time the bet was registered in the company’s system is considered the actual time of compliance. If the user does not receive any notification about the acceptance of the bet, the bet is still considered accepted if it is shown in the “Bet History”.

Communication failures or other technical failures in customer communications are not a reason for the cancellation of a bet if the bet has been registered on the server.

Data Policy

The Company is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the proposed information services, including data on live events and mailing services.

Linebet makes every effort to ensure that information on live events (such as results, the time of a game, and team/player statistics) is correct. However, this information is displayed for informational purposes only. Linebet shall not be liable for any errors in the data.

Linebet is not responsible for and does not accept any claims regarding the accuracy of foreign language translation of team names and player names.

If in the indicated event/match more than one member with the same surname is present and during the acceptance of the bet the full name of the athlete or other characteristics that uniquely identify them have not been indicated, all bets are refundable.

If the name of the match or the name of the position of one or more participants is indicated on the line incorrectly (except for errors in translation), i.e. if the other team/participant of the tournament represented is indicated instead of the necessary one, all bets for that event will be recognized as invalid and the refund is made. Only Linebet has the right to determine which events belong to this category.

In cases when specific team details such as a particular age group (e.g. youth teams under 18/ 21), gender (women), or team status (reserve) are not indicated on the line and therefore the other team is marked on the line instead of the declared one, all bets on this match are refundable. In other cases, when an incomplete name or possible grammar mistakes are indicated on the line, all bets stand. If the gender of the teams is not indicated on the line, the gender of the teams is considered to be male. In case female teams are participating in a match it is necessary to have a detailed indication about it on the line otherwise bets on this match are subject to refund.

The date and time indicated on the line are the date and time of the interruption of the acceptance of bets on the event (except for live events) and do not necessarily coincide with the date and time of the actual start of the event. The actual time of the event while bets are being counted is considered to be the time of the start of the event, which is determined based on the official documents of the organization conducting the competition, as well as the data of Linebet.

If the place where an event will be held is not indicated on the line, in the list of events the host of the field is indicated first, with the exception of American-type sports competitions. All information contained in the “top” of a particular sport has an auxiliary character. Possible errors in the information given are not a cause for the return of bets.

If in the acceptance of bets for live events there is a set delay, the value of which may vary depending on the sport, market, and other characteristics, it is determined exclusively by Linebet for the safety and protection of subsequent bets.

For the convenience of our customers, taking into account the accuracy of live events in which the coefficients are constantly changing, the customer can choose one of the following options: “Accept all changes in the coefficients”, “Accept only bets with profit margin” or “do not accept bets if the coefficients change”, which respectively determines whether the bet is accepted and whether during the time of its disposal there are changes of the coefficients, at any change of it, or only in the case when the changed bet exceeds the estimated coefficient of the customer’s bet.

Incorrect indications on the date of a placed match are not a reason for the cancellation of a bet.

If the match started from the moment it was previously interrupted, and the line was not stipulated, the bets are refundable.

Stake Limits

On any single selection, the minimum stake is $0.30/€0.20.

The bookmaker determines the maximum stake for each selection separately. Maximum stake limits vary by sport and event. The lowest maximum stake limit shall apply whenever an accumulator (system) bet comprises several legs with different stake limits. The maximum odds for a single bet is 200, and for an accumulator bet is 500.

Without any notification or giving reasons, the bookmaker reserves the right to limit the maximum stake or odds on certain selections as well as to limit or raise the maximum stake or odds for certain customers.

The bookmaker reserves the right to declare correctly predicted multiple bets (bets on the same outcome or combination of outcomes though with different odds) void. If the total amount of these stakes exceeds the maximum stake limits set by the bookmaker, such bets shall be settled at odds of 1.00.

Changes in the odds before the bet is placed

The odds may change from the moment the player makes the selections and the moment he/she places the bet. If the odds go down in the meantime, the new coefficient will be shown to the player, who will have the option to accept or reject it. If it increases, the bet will automatically be placed at the new odds. Players can deactivate this automatic settlement option by modifying their sports betting options in the “My Personal Area” section of the Website.

The player cannot modify or cancel a bet after it has been placed, except through the “Complete my bet” function which allows new selections to be added to a previously placed bet.

Linebet reserves the right to set limits on the amounts wagered depending on the type of match or bet, the player’s profile, and his gaming behavior.

Bets exceeding these limits will not be accepted and the player will be immediately informed that his bet has not been accepted.

In general, the amount of money that the same participant can dedicate to his participation in live counterpart sports bets may not exceed the amount of the balance that the participant has on his gaming account at the time of the start of the sporting event on which the bets will be placed.

If during the course of the sporting event on which bets are being placed, the participant obtains in his gaming account any additional amount, coming exclusively from the prizes won as a consequence of the bets placed live on that sporting event, this deposited amount may also be used to place new live bets on that same sporting event.

In the event that the same participant places live counterpart sports bets on two or more sporting events taking place simultaneously, the limit of the amounts that the participant may dedicate to the bets will be the amount of the balance that the participant has in his gaming account at any given time, as a consequence of the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs.

The Bet Slip Feature

The Company offers a “Bet slip sale”; feature. A customer can sell the bet slip back to the company in part or in full and get money in their account immediately if a customer does not want to wait until their bet has been settled. The service is available in “My Account – Bet History” or in the “My Bets” tab on the bet slip.

In the bet slip sale dialog window, the customer can choose between a full or a partial sale. In this window, the customer can choose the part of their stake he/she wants to be returned to their gaming account. The amounts are confirmed by pressing the “Sell” button. The remaining part of the stake will remain on their bet slip and will be taken into account when the bet is settled. 

A case-by- case basis determines the minimum and maximum amounts the customer can get back into their account. It also depends on the specific bet placed. In some cases, the customer can only sell the bet slip in full. In other cases,, the customer might be able to sell the bet slip in parts, and in several transactions, within the stake amount, depending on the bet.

The greater the chance that the amount offered to sell the bet slip will change, the more time a customer spends on the bet slip sale dialog window once it has been opened. The price offered for the sale of the bet slip could change too if the situation around the event changes.

Bet slip sale is possible for a single, accumulator bets, and system bets.

A bet slip sale is impossible if:

– The bet slip contains outcomes that cannot be sold;

– The bet slip is insured;

– The bet slip has already been sold;

– The bet has been settled;

– One or more outcomes on the bet slip have been blocked;

– The price offered to the customer for the bet slip has changed. 

– A bet slip sale can also be blocked at the discretion of the Betting Company. 

The Company is not liable in cases where the service is not available due to technical failure. In regard to any betting event without stating a reason, the Company reserves the right to suspend the service at any time. If technical problems have been detected at any stage of the sale, the bet slip sale transaction can be canceled. In all such cases, bets are settled as normal based on the event outcome.

The Company does not guarantee that any bet placed on the website can be sold. Only after the bet has been accepted, the customer can find out whether the bet can be sold. The price of selling the bet slip offered by the Company is not up for negotiation. The customer has the right to accept the terms of sale or refuse to sell the bet slip at the specified price.

Obvious and technical errors

The Company shall not be liable for typing, transfer, or betting account errors. In particular, Linebet reserves the right to correct obvious errors made by entering information in the coefficients incorrectly indicated in the teams, incorrectly indicated events, etc.), to declare the corresponding bets invalid, even after the end of the event. In cases of correction of obvious errors, bets are returned. The most common examples of technical errors are as follows:

Errors when entering coefficients – When the coefficient (or handicap/total adjustment, etc.) is displayed without a separator (dot) or with any additional numbers.

“Mirror errors” – when the coefficients for the players are shown in a diametrically opposite way. In that case, the favorite of the game (including the current favorite of the live event) is shown with a coefficient higher than the coefficient of the outsider of the given event.

Typing errors – if all coefficients are indicated correctly, however, the teams are written in an incorrect order (usually occurs for events taking place on a neutral field).

Clear indicators of obvious errors are: big differences in the coefficients of Linebet and other bookmakers, the coefficients that are almost impossible to give in the current situation of the match.

The right to determine whether or not a technical or obvious error occurred, in any case, belongs exclusively to Linebet.

Linebet reserves the right to cancel bets placed with deliberately incorrect odds and obvious errors. The customer shall be informed about changes to the balance immediately.

Linebet reserves the right to cancel bets even after the end of the event if these bets are won by the user as a result of technical failure or obvious error.

In cases where for technical reasons a user’s bets are not provided with the necessary amount of funds in the account, the bets are deemed to be invalid.

In the event of an erroneous crediting of the Customer’s account average, the Customer shall be notified immediately to Linebet. If due to an error, a negative balance was created for the customer, the betting company has the right to cancel the uncalculated bets even if they were placed before the error occurred.

The company reserves the right to oblige the user to accept responsibility for any damage caused, if the user intentionally uses a technical or administrative error when making a deposit or during the receipt of money on the account.